Summer Camp!!! Summer Card Camp that is! – Day 1


Hi Everyone!  Well, I’m excited today because Summer Card Camp 2 has started!  Unfortunately I didn’t participate in Card Camp 1, but I know I won’t be disappointed as I have LOVED every onlinecardclass that I have EVER taken.  I’ve tried others, but I just love the way this one is set up and so, if it’s not broke, you don’t fix it!

Anyway, I’m still a bit under the weather, but I was able to watch the entire class AND make a card as well.  I had high hopes of making more than one, but well… there’s this thing that gets in the way, it’s call … WORK.  We haven’t won the LOTTO, so off I must go.  I really enjoyed the class as usual.  Unfortunately I can’t share too many details with you other than my card itself, but, I highly recommend you check the class out.  Go… go right now!!!  Wait… check out my card first and THEN go check it out by clicking right here.

Here is the color palette I used for my card:


And here is the card that I made.  Have I told you yet how much I adore this stamp set by My Favorite Things?  Oh right.. yeah.. I have!  😀



I hope you enjoyed my card today!  I’ll catch you again tomorrow!

Peace Out!


Supplies used: