Everywhere you go…

Yes, that’s right… it’s everywhere you go.  


Day 6 of the KICKSTART Online Card Class and we are talking about inspiration and all the different places you can find it.  We’ve also been talking a lot about shopping… shopping from your own stash and shopping smart.  Inspiration can also be found while shopping.  So, I decided I would go out shopping today and find a little inspiration.

Epic Fail!

I started the journey at one of the big box stores, thinking I would find all kinds of inspiration!  I wasn’t there to REALLY shop.  I was just shopping for inspiration.  Uh… instead I found some really great Washi tape and oh… some really great embossing folders.  :/

Then I decided to check out the OTHER big box store in my area – sure I would find some inspiration there.  Yeah right.  You guessed it.  Found some really good stuff there.  Some Rangers Perfect Pearls, a cute little cloud punch and several Hampton Art‘s stamps on clearance!

I must have known I was going to fail at the “window shopping” for inspiration because I made sure I had my coupons.  LOL!

So, I came home and decided to do a little more “window shopping”.  I started out at Simon Says Stamp and well, let’s just say I was no more successful there than I was at those big box stores.  *sigh*  Let’s just face facts… I suck at this! 

So, I sat down at my craft table as I did have a few ideas I wanted to try out.  I decided to pull out my Martha Stewart glitter and had these grand visions of making a fall card.  I didn’t have any of the Be Creative Sheets, so I decided that I would improvise and hope that it worked.  I took out my Xyron and ran some cardstock through it.  I unpeeled one piece, covered it with glitter, burnished it and hoped that I could stamp on top of it.  Nope!

Another Epic Fail!

I think several things went wrong.

  • Not sure if the Xyron was really holding the glitter like the Sookwang would.
  • I think the MS Glitter was perhaps a little too coarse
  • For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me… it didn’t like any of my ink, either that or the glitter was just too dark.  *shrug*
  • Oh and glitter, EVERYWHERE!

Ok… next idea.  Hmm… inspiration.  Found it, right here:

I really like this color palette.  Well, most of it.  I’m not that crazy about the royal blue though.  So I sat back down at my craft table and FINALLY.  Finally I was inspired enough to make it happen.  


Have a Great Night!