What I’ve Been Up To…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I thought I would give you a little update on what I’ve been busy doing.  Perhaps even a card IF it’s finished by the time I decide to publish this post!

So, here is what’s been going on.  I’ve literally spent the last 4 straight days with Britta Swiderski!  I know, you’re jealous, aren’t you?  As well you should be!  Alright, so maybe I haven’t REALLY spent the last 4 days WITH the uber talented Britta, but… minor details, minor details.  And for her sake, as I’m old enough to be her mother, it’s probably for the best!  😀  So, truth be told, I’ve been taking her self-paced Inspiration University – Design Principles class! And LOVING it!  It’s perfect for someone like me.  My background is in CIS and I work for a chemical company as a Quality Analyst.  There is no art or design in any of that… really.  The only thing I could honestly say I had any knowledge in prior was color.  That being said, you should check it out too!


In other news, my quest to organize continues.  J and I had a laugh about it yesterday as I tried explaining how I’m really trying to organize and his response was… “Well, the guy in the brown truck and SOMETIMES the guy in the white truck seems to keep dropping off boxes!”  LOL!  😀  Yeah, ok, so he’s right.  Bleh.

Saturday I spent most of the morning organizing my stamps, with a little help from my friend Jennifer McGuire… or at least with some of her great ideas that you can read about here.  I organized and I organized, until I ran out of Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets!!!  And here is the final result… sorry about the quick Instagram photo.


So, I’m thinking that I need more stamps!  I clearly don’t have enough!  😀  Hey, the economy has really been in the tank lately and I’m proud to say that it hasn’t been because of me!  😀  In fact, I’d like to think that USPS had to rethink their elimination of the Saturday delivery because of me!  😀  You can thank me later!  😀

Finished the cards… or should I say card?  I actually created 2 cards with 1 stamp.  This stamp had been calling my name EVERY time I would go to the store.  I would pick it up, look at it, think about how I could use it and then, put it back down again.  Meh.  The very last time, it called my name in a big way – it was marked down.  So, I caved.

I’ll show you the first one I did, which I really don’t like all that much, simply as a lesson learned kinda thing.  It didn’t work.  I’m not sure how it would have looked had a chose a lighter patterned card stock.  Perhaps better, perhaps not.  I stamped the image on patterned paper with Momento Tuxedo black and colored with Copics… lots of them!  Now… don’t go clicking the little X at the top of this page to close my blog just yet!  I know this card is kinda eh and I really should have tossed it rather than spend time on it, but…. the 2nd card…. I like… in fact… I heart it very friggen much!  😀  So… here is the fail first card.


Here is the 2nd card.  More of a vintagy feel.  I embossed the pattern paper and then painted it with my distress inks!  A much nicer look and I hope you agree!




I left them both sentiment-less.  I just didn’t think they needed one.  So, that’s what I’ve been up to!

Peace Out!